Paired together!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our little corner of the Internet! You are the reason for our online presence. Marc and I set up this website to connect with you better. We have met many wonderful people as we’ve reached out in our community with our skills, stories and songs. Marc and I pride ourselves on being well-rounded individuals and believe in strengthening our community with our gifts and talents.

In 1996, I was a single mother trying to make it on my own. I enrolled in college and tackled the challenges involved with earning a college degree while being a single parent. As a way to relieve stress, I started writing poetry and learned that it was easy to put my words to music. When I shared my songs, people were touched by my open heart and honesty. After graduating from college, I started working and building my career as a Graphic Designer and joined a songwriter’s association locally. For the past ten years, I’ve enjoyed performing music at small venues around Central Indiana.

Around that same time, Marc was recovering from an automobile accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury. Marc wanted a family but thought it’d be difficult since he was paralyzed from the shoulders down. He became engaged to a woman with a little boy but she walked out on him because she could not handle the severity of his disability challenges.

Marc and I met in 1999. I met Marc on the Internet when I was inquiring about medical equipment for a friend with a spinal cord injury. We quickly became friends and falling in love was an added bonus! My kids grew very attached to Marc and we seemed to balance each other out completely.

In 2010, we suffered a few losses. I lost my job when the problems in our economy forced my employer to downsize and my job was eliminated. I lost my 65 year old mother when her battle with cancer resulted in her death. Since then, I’ve been focusing on my family, enjoying being at home more with my kids and starting a new job with a local newspaper. My next goal is to invest in Adobe software to do some Graphic Design work on my free time at home.

In the 2000’s, Marc went back to college to get his degree in Social Work, started working as a Social Worker and being an advocate for people in our community who have physical or mental challenges and want to live independently (to avoid being institutionalized). Marc is a champion to many in our area. He is certainly a champion to me!

You can read our individual stories, hear my music and follow our family blog by clicking on the links we provided.

Peace to You,
Carey g.