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Affiliated with SESAC (performing rights organization), Singer/Songwriter Carey Germana is a modern musician with classical sounds. She blends jazz and blues to create her fresh and original songs.

Carey’s music is described as “getting beneath the skin and into the blood” by the late Sam McClain, professional blues recording artist

Having lived and moved across the United States, Carey has learned a diverse style of artistic writing. One of the highlights of listening to Carey’s music is that none of her songs sound the same and every song has a strong hook! Carey joined a group of songwriter’s with the Central Indiana Christian Songwriter’s Association (CICSA) from 2006-2009 performing monthly in their local “Songwriter’s in the Round” series. Carey was working on her first demo when she found out her mother was diagnosed with terminal Stage IV Bone Cancer and became the primary caregiver for her. Carey’s mother lost her battle with cancer in the Summer of 2010. After dealing with the loss of her beloved mother, Carey decided to focus more on her career as a Graphic Designer and learning to become a Commercial Songwriter. Carey was an active member with the Nashville Songwriter’s Association International (NSAI) in 2010-2011.

Carey’s father, Richard Cooper, was a concert musician with the United States Air Force Band in the early 1960’s and her mother was an artist with a passion for oil painting. Growing up in a military family, Carey learned the importance of hard work and diversity. Music was always in the air in the Cooper household. At an early age, Carey was exposed to the musical styles of Big Band, Blues, Broadway, Classical, Contemporary Christian, Folk, Gospel, Jazz, Latin and R&B.

“My family moved to the Washington DC area in my senior year of high school. My dad loved to tinker around with the keyboard that sat in our living room for many years. I never took piano lessons but learned to play by ear and started writing music. Eventually, I added lyrics to my music and progressed into singing publicly at my church, on street corners and wherever groups gathered.” Carey explains. “In my early 20’s, I was married to another aspiring musician and gave birth to my beautiful children. After my divorce, I was a single mom living in low-income housing and went back to college to become a career-minded Graphic Designer. I also became more focused on singing/song writing and did a few gigs on the East Coast and locally in the Indianapolis area. While living in Indianapolis, I met and fell in love with an incredible guy.”

Carey met Marc Sherman over the internet in the Fall of 1999. A few months later, Marc and Carey knew they wanted to spend their lives together. Their unique circumstances have created a lot of attention for the couple. Marc is paralyzed from the shoulders down after surviving an auto accident in 1996. Marc enjoys giving public speeches to share his life story. He is an inspirational speaker and works professionally as a Social Worker in Indianapolis. Together, Marc and Carey enjoy visiting churches, colleges, small group settings and coffee houses to share their message of faith and hope through their life stories and in the lyrics of Carey’s songs.

“I’ve used the events in my life to express myself through lyrics and music. I’ve had a lot of heartache and understand a little about having the blues. I tend to be emotionally transparent in my lyrics. I believe music visits the places where conversations are not welcome.” Carey muses.

Carey’s son, Lincoln Germana, excels as a trumpet player. He has a passion for jazz music and loves improvisation. Carey and Lincoln enjoyed performing together while he was in high school and his trumpet solos are heard on many of Carey’s DEMO tracks.

Carey is always reaching out and connecting to musicians within her community. Between 2008-2010, Carey worked with dobro player Rory Harper, vocalist Donna Harper and drummer Bill Pottschmidt. Carey also started working with a talented saxophone player, Karen Purnell, in 2010. Some of Carey’s music includes rap/rhyme sections that Carey has worked with rapper Joseph Nieder on for songs like “Whispers in the Dark.” When Carey performs with other musicians, they call their group “Life Factory” because they are interested in creating and promoting joyful living through inspired music.

Carey has performed recently in the Indianapolis area at local parks, coffee shops, church functions and songwriter rounds. Stay tuned for upcoming events! If you want Carey to visit your area, contact her at:


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